Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Club Crochet"

I'm so excited! I've found a local crochet group that meets monthly. A friend of mine received a mailer from a local fabric shop, where the meeting is held. So we both decided to go. This is an out of this world fabric shop, let me tell ya! 2 stories of fabulous fabric. Anyway, they have a wonderful little niche of very NICE yarns, and CROCHET supplies. They also had knitting stuff [(whoopie) (sorry to you knitters, but crocheters have it hard)] There were only 4 of us, but hey, it's a start. All this, and only 20 minutes from my house! Am I lucky or what?!


Anonymous said...

Debi I can't believe it.Just got your email. We can't live far apart.SW Va .What fabric store is this? Maybe I can get there some time too.Elsie

Kimberly said...

Lucky you!! 20 minutes is not that far to go! I wish that I could find something like that here in Brussels, but so far the only one I've found is for knitters only....umm, okay - I wonder if I can still go if I bring my knitting needles but do my crochet instead??? :-)

Sally said...

That's great Debi!! 20 min isn't far at all and it would be worth even a bit longer drive in my opinion. I've started a poolside crochet club at a friends apt complex. They all had to pretty much stay there cuz of the kids so I go there and we sit around the pool hooking. I've become the ring leader cuz I'm not afraid of FPDC and BPDC.......LOL. Glad you found the club, you shouldn't always have to hook alone!!! :-)