Saturday, April 29, 2006

Swap Scarf and Goodies

Would you just look at all the goodies
Sherri sent to me!!! The really neat thing is,
I'm making myself a purse from that pink
Moda Dea Ticker Tape! So I'll have a scarf to
match my purse. Yay!

Thanks Sherri! You're a doll.

And here's Keegan, all pooped out
after running the fence. My
neighbor was dog sitting, so there
was a new doggie face next door.
After all the excitement, he had to
cool his little belly off. He's quite
the little stud muffin.


Lucy said...

I'm a purse-aholic....please show the purse when it's done!

Sheri said...

Your Keegan looks a lot like the Yorkie Keegan my mom had a while back. She had to find a new home fo rhim when she had to move. It's nice to see another Yorkie Keegan again. "Little Fiery One." :)