Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's Arrived!!!!

Yay, my birthday present, a 30 inch AJAL, is here! Now I have 3 projects on 3 looms. An afghan on the 60" Infinity, a purse on the 12" AJAL, and a light weight afghan on my new 30". I also need to start the crocheted Spider Web skirt for Britti, and her afghan to take to college.
I have discovered that I get so easily bored, so I have several things going on at once to alleviate the boredom. Do any of y'all do that?

On a sadder note; It was confirmed this morning by my Vet that little Chloe has Cushings Disease. She seemed to think that it's been found in the early stages of the disease, but cannot tell me how long she will survive with it. We will be starting medication soon, and will know more by seeing how she responds to it. I stood at the reception counter to pay, and started to cry. I kept biting my lip, trying to hold it until I got in my car, but had little success. Chloe is 9, but we've only enjoyed her for a about 1½ years. She was rescued from a puppy mill, having lived all of her life in a small kennel. Then she was "rescued", only to be neglected by her new owners. She was in such pitiful shape when we got her, and needed a lot of medical attention. She would often sit in a corner with her little face to the wall. She has finally come out of her shell, and has even been potty trained! She's become quite a happy little baby. Now, to find out that she has this disease just breaks my heart. Ack, I think I'm going to cry again.


JulieP said...

Lots of projects to keep ya busy! Good - very good!
I hope little Chloe does well on her medication.

Lucy said...

I realize by talking with others, that all die-heart crafters, have a bunch of projects going on a one time....I thought I was crazy cause I had...but I'm normal. Hope Chloe does well...you were meant to have her for a reason..

Debi said...

Thanks y'all :-)

CrochetMama905 said...

Hi Debi, First off, thank you so much for your kind words to me when I needed them. I'm glad to have sisters in the Lord like you!

Secondly, I was so sorry to hear about your little Chloe and her little sad life. But at least you have made this part of her life that you have had her better and where she feels loved and safe and protected. Your love for your babies is so evident, and I know that you will make whatever time Chloe has comfortable and as healthy as possible. I pray that the medicine works and Chloe gets better, and that you will feel comforted by the Lord through it.

I hope your birthday was great. It sounds like you are still celebrating as your presents (like this loom) are still arriving! I've been trying my hand at knitting as well but I am still at the simple and still unintentionally lumpy/bumpy dishcloth stage! Remember the Fendi handbag? I really liked the look of the garter stitch on the original bag and that is one of the things that inspired me to give it a try. Also I heard that knitting uses 30% less yarn, so for special projects with the pricier yarns, that will come in handy.

How is it turning out with the looms? I'm hoping to learn how to make socks. I clicked on the AJL link you had and saw that you can make socks with the looms. That is certainly intriguing. Can you use fingering weight on the looms too? Does it only make tubular type things?

Again, I'll be praying for your little Chloe to do better.
-Judi (crochetmama)

Kansas A. said...

Chloe is so lucky to have you and you've given her so much love in the last l.5 years of her life :) It breaks my heart to read stuff like this as I just love my dogs to pieces and I couldn't imagine anyone treating a dog so unkind.