Thursday, August 25, 2005

Gift For Lauren

Our temporary office manager will be leaving us next week to return to college life. She filled in for the summer until we could hire a permanent replacement. I've grown so fond of Lauren! She really brightened up the place with her fun, sweet spirit. This pillow is for her new dorm decor, which is black, white and red. It's made with LB Thick And Quick Chenille.

I'm afraid I'm going to cry and make an idiot of myself on her last day.


Molly said...

Great pillow, Debi! And howdy from a former life-long (until now)Bland County resident. I know your co-worker will enjoy the pillow in her room. I like making pillows 'cause they don't take long (instant gratification, almost). Well, gotta go hide out from Tropical Storm Katrina!

Sally said...

Lauren will love it Debi.....very nice!! Go ahead and get all sappy...after all it is a term of endearment!!!