Thursday, August 25, 2005

Free Yarn!!!

Just received this info from Sandie at Crochet Cabana. Go to this site for a free skein of yarn:
How cool is that?!


JulieP said...

So I'm now waiting for my free yarn. Wonder if we'll all get the same color?

The pillow is nice and I bet it is really soft too. I just know she's gonna love it!

Sally said...

Thanks for the link Debi!! You're right, there's nothing better than free yarn!! I'll let you know what color I get so we can compare.....LOL!!!!

ladylinoleum said...

Thanks for the link Debi!!

Crochet Leah said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I appreciate your support. And you're right, it is also as much fun as crocheting!! I have so much to figure out how to do yet. I can't wait to get my free yarn too!! Take care.