Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Holiday Gift Exchange From Crochetville

"Oh Happy Day"!!!

I got my Holiday package from reecie today, right before I left for work! ( which is such a good thing, because we've just discovered that an order we hadn't received was delivered last week, and obviously stolen)

When I opened the box, I'm sure my dogs thought that I saw a cat, the way I was squealing!!!
So many goodies.

My most favorite, The Martha Poncho!!!! It's my favorite color, and my favorite yarn!!!! As if this alone wasn't awesome enough, I also received assorted threads, cotton yarn ( which will be absolutely perfect as dishcloths in my kitchen), snow flakes, chocolate (yummy), Cookie Cutouts Body Butter and Lip Balm, and a "Fleas Navidad" Christmas card (so cute).

I wore my poncho to work to show it off. My co-workers couldn't believe that someone who's never met me would make me such a fabulous gift (I can hardly believe it, either). Then they were really blown away when I told 'em about my other goodies.

This has been a yucky week, and this gift has cheered me up sooo much!

Thanks, Teresa! Thank you so very much!

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