Monday, August 14, 2006

Bad, Bad Blogger!

Yep. That's me. I am ashamed. No updates in over a month! I'm not even sure that I have an excuse. Well, my DD is going away to college this week, and I guess I've been a little blue. I made a simple afghan for her to take with her, and I'm working on the Chic Hippie Skirt from Hooked on Crochet. That's kept me somewhat busy. She is soooo excited; I'm trying to be.

Here's a photo of that afghan


Lucy said...

Don't feel bad...everyone is so busy're on my bloglines, so I know when you update!

blackpurl said...

the afghan is such a pretty color!

Sheila said...

Your dd is going to love that pretty afghan.. my dd is also starting college this year.