Monday, June 12, 2006

More Goodies!!!

Here's Keegan checkin' out my new goodies. The weird part? Britti and I were just looking at the Caron yarn yesterday, oooing and ahhing. And I've had my eye on that Purse Panache pattern booklet for sometime!
I also received a note pad, a lavender vanilla candle, a heart shaped dish, Pullover patterns, gorgeous Red Heart yarn, and a card, all from my Crochetville Secret Pal.

Thanks SP, you're awesome!!!

On a different note, my baby graduated from high school Thursday night. Oh the parental pride, oh the parental agony. I spent the day being a little klutzy. First, I fell up the steps. Thought I broke my wrist, but not; busted 2 toes. Second, while baking a cheesecake, my head collided with the kitchen cabinet. Nice little lump. Third, I fell up the steps again, busted my other big toe. I think I was a little stressed.
Not sure how I'll deal with empty nest come August.


Lucy said...

I used that red heart yarn to make slippers...It's a really pretty color. Lucky you!

Ebelfamily said...

I am glad you survived graduation. I enjoy your blog. I am a believer too. I can relate to that coming empty nest- my baby is 16- 17 in Jan. I know he will move out with his brother 27- as soon as he is 18. His sister is 22.

Sheila said...

Oh my.. graduation day was definitely a roller coaster for you.. but glad you came through... I also have an 18 year old graduating at the end of the month.. and can relate to the upcoming empty nest.

JulieP said...

That's a pretty package from your secret pal. Lots of goodies.
And congratulations on actually surviving graduation day!