Monday, May 15, 2006

Latest Hobby

Well, here it is folks. My latest venture, watercolor painting. I made these cards for Mother's day ( hope you all had a great one ). I think they resemble flowers, don't you? I've even discovered that I like sketching more than I thought I would. James and Britti are very encouraging of my endeavors, but my extended family is rather ho hum about my new hobby. Oh well, I guess it's mainly to please myself anyway.

Speaking of family, Britti is on a Storm Chasing trip out midwest with VA Tech for the next 2 weeks. She was so excited when they left yesterday. My hope is that they view any tornadoes from afar. Very far afar!!! While she's away, I get to send out her graduation announcements. Wasn't it thoughtful of her to make the address labels for me?! ( yes, you do detect a note of sarcasm ) Don't high school seniors magically turn responsible at some point? I guess in her defence, I should say that she is a busy girl. School full time, partime job, piano lessons, dance classes, youth group, AP tests. Yeah, she's pretty busy. Just forget my previous sarcasm. What was I thinking????

Have a very blessed week, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Those definitely look like flowers!! Gorgeous!

Lucy said...

You are definately doing an excellent job. You should try a whole painting could do it.

CrochetMama905 said...

Wow, Debi! I am in awe of you, woman! You are so talented. I love, love, love your watercolors, especially the iris. Just incredible.

I've got a wedding to put on next week. It's almost here! Eeeeeks! Pray for me, Debi!
-Judi (crochetmama)

Debi said...

Thanks y'all! You're good for this girls esteem.

Heather said...

Those are gorgeous. You did an amazing job. I can't wait to see more!