Sunday, May 22, 2005

And What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear?!

But a box from Herrschners!!!( and no reindeer ) Yay, my yarn is here. I think I'm past the urge to send it back. I came home from work yesterday to find the box on my kitchen table. Couldn't get it open fast enough. 24 skeins of "lovely" camo, just waitin to become something, like an afghan.

I've had several great suggestions as to stitches and patterns. So I sat down with my camo last night and worked 'em out. I "think" I've decided to do Tunisian( just not the basketweave ). I love the way it makes a softer fabric (hey, gotta get some happiness outta that yarn ). I've completed the base and 2 rows of TPS, hopefully to prevent curling. Next, I've done some rows of TSS. I just love the little perfect squares. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to alternate with another stitch or not. Hmmm.... are 24 skeins going to be enough?

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Kimberly said...

Good luck on the Camo'ghan and the Tunisian! I have yet to try that form of of these days I am sure that I will! Enjoy the rest of Sunday, and have a great week!